1970 Eagle Indy Car

1970 Eagle

USAC C71 - 42

Chassis 801


Dan Gurney's All American Racers Team car for 1971. Driven by Jim Malloy. Placed 4th at Indy in 1971. Placed 7th at Indy in 1972.

1970 Swede Savage

Bobby Ball 150 Finished 1st

1971 Swede Savage Rafeala Indy 300 Finished 4th / 5th Jimmy Bryan 150 Finished 3rd

Indy 500 Jim Malloy Finished 4th

California 500 Finished 12th Trenton 300 Finished 16

1972 Mike Hiss Phoenix 150 Finished 10th Trenton 200 Finished 7th Indy 500 Finished 7th Rex Mays Classic Finished 13th Twin 200 Finished 26th Schaefer 500 Finished 6th Trenton 300 Finished 14th


Unrestored complete roller. Chassis and suspension are in excellent condition. Photos coming soon!

Turbo Offy engines are available. Fresh or needing rebuild. In 1970, Swede Savage ran a Gurney Westlake Push Rod V8. 1971, Jim Malloy ran the car with a turbo offy.

The above information in accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Check back soon for more information on this Team Gurney Indy car!