1972 McLaren M8F Reproduction

The McLaren M8F Reproduction uses a high standard of materials and craftsmanship.

Engine: Approximately 616 cubic inches (10 liter) Donovan Engineering tall aluminum D type billet block with splayed 4 bolt main caps. Block has wider pan rails for longer stroke clearance and additional strength.

Billet crankshaft by Sonny Bryant Pistons custom made by JE to fit special heads and large titanium valves Took molds off heads with valves to machine pistons for maximum compression and adequate clearance Aluminum Brodix heads Carillo rods Vertex magneto with large Mallory Super Mag external coil Special Kinsler modified set up MacKay aluminum manifold with Lucas MKII timed fuel injection Has larger custom throttle body bores of 3 1/8 or 3 Mechanical fuel pump and electric prime pump Stainless braided fuel lines Weaver Brothers wide 5 stage dry sump pump large capacity dry sump tank Front Donovan gear drive 5 clutch with carbon discs Roller rockers and roller cam Ceramic coated headers Moroso Blue Max plug wires Chevy aluminum heads #10051128 and 111939 Stamped L101 Cam shaft lift at valve intake .697 exhaust .724 Roller rocker ratio 1.7

Engine was dynoed when built and produced approximately 1200 hp.

Hewland LG600 MKII : 5 speed and reverse rear start transaxle with special heavy duty aluminum side covers for additional strength. Transaxle has a special Salisbury limited slip differential supplied by Nissan Racing (NISMO) as used on their Nissan GTP cars.

Brakes: AP Calipers Front CP 2545 4 piston Rear CP 4270 4 piston Rotors steel, vented front and rear Front Rotors - 11.9 x 1 Master Cylinders AP Racing CP6093

BRD Heavy Duty Half Shafts McLaren M8D Front and Rear Uprights Girling clutch master cylinder bore

Wheels: Aluminum McLaren type Front : 10x15 Rear: 18X15

All radius rods and brackets are titanium Eibach springs. Rears 700 lb Fronts 800 New Odyssey heavy duty racing battery

The car is extremely attractive, ready to run and is very fast!

Please call or email us for more information on this ultimate Can Am racer!

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.