1980 Penske PC7

Chassis PC7 Chassis# 08 CART #113


Car was built by Penske Cars,Ltd., Poole, England.

Steve Krisiloff drove the car in the 1981 Indy 500. He started 17th and finished 8th. The car was new and first ran at Phoenix.

The car was Josele Garza's back up car at Indy in 1981

Then the car was driven by Leroy Van Conett for McCray Racing. He tried to qualify for the 1982 Indy 500 race but did not make it

Johnny Parsons later raced the car the car in 1984 at Phoenix for Mccray Racing. Started: 26 Finished 17. Car is still in this livery.


The monocoque chassis uses aluminum double curvature side panels and cast magnesium bulkheads. The monocoque incorporates a foam-filled deformable section on the right hand side and a second rollover bar surrounding the instrument panel as additional driver protection. Fiberglass by Griffin Designs.


Inboard front suspension with upper rocker arm and lower wishbone. Outboard rear suspension with transversely interconnected top links, parallel link with lower and upper radius rods. Rack and pinion steering; Monroe shock absorbers.


All four corners and uprights have been rebuilt

Non destructively tested during rebuild and restoration

Rebuilt Monroe shocks

Rebuilt steering rack

Transaxle coolers

Twin radiators

Quick release steering wheel

Car is less engine and trans.


Penske magnesium wheels - 10" wide x 15" fronts; 14" wide x 15". Goodyear Eagle Speedway Specials.


4 wheel directionally vented rotors with AP Lockheed 4 piston calipers

Dimensions / Specs:

Weight: 1500 lbs 40 gallon fuel cell (Methanol) Wheelbase is 106"


Set of Penske Wheels

It is vintage race eligible in SVRA, HSR and others.

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.