1984 Ralt RT4


Scott Goodyear and Al Mitchel drove for TriCon in 1986. The team had two cars. This was one of those cars. They won the 1986 Championship.

Scott also won St. Petersburg and Road Atlanta.

In 1987, the car got a Toyota motor as a test car.

In 1991, the car was purchased by Joe Ridelbauer, who raced it until 2004.

The car was then sold to Dan Helman.

Rusty Herbert later owned the car

Arch Motors # AM 863903

Zero time Cutis Farley Toyota 1600 engine dynoed at 238 hp at 9000 rpm

New racing crankshaft

New belts and a newly chromed roll bar

A good newly packed fuel cell

Hewland FT 200 transmission

New paint

New tires


Spare nose

Spare wheels

Runs SVRA Formula 2