2005 Lola Champ Car HU03

Ex RuSport car. Ran the 2005-2006 Champ Car series. This beautiful race car represents the latest in open wheel racing technology. Originally these cars cost 450,000 USD and can now be owned for a fraction of the original value.

2005 = Updated to 2006 Specs. Model # B05/00 Chassis # HU03. Driven by AJ Allmendinger and Cristiano Da Matta. RuSport Team Car. Track prepped. Less engine and electronics. Extensive spares available.

$450,000 New. Now = $59,900

UPDATE: We are pleased to confirm that the proper Cosworth DFE engine & electronic package is now available! Engines are priced from $49,900 to $68,000.

Please call or email us for additional information and pricing.

The above information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.